Research on Tiezo Resistive Differential Pressure Tranducer Activated

The research group in the Semiconductor Institute including Rim Chang Sik, Ri Won U has made a great achievement in the researchwork to develop the differential pressure transducer necessary for measuring the fluid amount.

This project is the tiezo resistive differential pressure transducer which measures the high-temperature steam fluid in the thermal power station and the flowing amount of fluid with high pressure and temperature in the chemical industry.

The research group selected a lot of materials appropriate to different differential pressure forming modes, reliable in high pressure and temperature and sensitive to the variation of pressure and designed and trialed while precisely changing the shape and structure of the diaphragm, thereby solving many scientific and technological problems such as the material and structure of the diaphragm, the manufacture, and the placement of the diaphragm, and the sensitivity and the precision.

By doing so, they have opened a bright prospect of developing with our own technology the differential pressure measuring device which is cheap and has great precision of 1%FS in measuring the pressure difference of various bands from 1 to 50KPa