Mirae Sci-Tech Center Inaugurated

The Mirae Sci-Tech Center has been built at Kim Chaek University of Technology, a pedigree establishment for training sci-tech talents of the country.

It has development rooms and labs with modern equipment for developing, producing and testing products of up-to-date technology, international symposium hall, conference room, interview room, etc.

With the completion of this center, this university is equipped with another foundation for developing products of up-to-date technology which can briskly boost training students into creation-oriented scientific and technological talents with high faculties of inquiry and application who will shoulder the socialist self-reliant economy and the development of the country’s science and technology.

An inaugural ceremony was held on the 24th of June in the presence of Kim Nung O, Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the WPK, Vice-premier of the of the Cabinet Jon Kwang Ho, Department Director of the WPK Central Committee Choe Tong Myong, officials concerned, and officials, teaching staff and students of the university.

There was the inaugural address of the president of the university, Hong So Hon.

He mentioned in his address that it has been built in a splendid way under the warm care of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is always paying a deep attention to work of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

He also said that the Supreme Leader appointed the foundation for developing products of up-to-date technology in Kim Chaek University of Technology as the major construction project and solved all problems arising in its construction.

It was emphasized that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un nominated this foundation to be newly built as Mirae Sci-Tech Center and visited the university on Mar. 10th to give benevolent affection to ensure that integration of education, scientific research and production is realized.

The president said that officials, teaching staff and students of the university and builders turned out as one to complete the construction ahead of schedule with the burning single mind of giving a faithful report to the Supreme Leader by completing the building as soon as possible.

He emphasized in his address that all officials and teachers should raise the more fierce flame of education revolution in the new century true to the instructions of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the teaching of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to strengthen and develop the university into research-oriented an the most prestigious one and to train more creation-oriented sci-tech talents.

It was also mentioned that officials, scientists and technicians of the Mirae Sci-Tech Center should produce up-to-date products of our own style with a high goal of developing new technology to play a core role in this going campaign of creation with self-reliance for pushing up with making the national economy Juche-oriented, modern, IT-based and scientific.

Mr. Hong said that officials, teaching staff and students of the university should prepare themselves to become revolutionary talents and scientists and technicians faithful to the Party who will contribute their everything to investigation for prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

After the inaugural ceremony, participants looked around newly-built Mirae Sci-Tech Center.