Establishment of the New Hot Blast Drying Process for CMYK Offset Duplicator

Pak Se Il and his research team of the Faculty of Heat Engineering succeeded in establishing the hot blast drying process for CMYK which is using electrically heated air.

They proposed to use electrically heated air instead of propane gas to dry the printing material in the CMYK hot blast offset duplicator and made clear the characteristics of drying printing material and the relationship of different elements which have influence on the quality and output of products and consumption of electricity of the printing material while they are dried.

They also designed the new heat switchboard which is capable of making an effective use of the heat of waste air at different temperatures of more than 110℃ giving off during the period of drying so that they could economize a large amount of energy needed in drying the printing material.

They constructed the control system in keeping with the operation conditions so that rational indices of the operation were determined which made it possible to establish the hot blast drying process using electrically heated air.