Performance Given by Art Group

Marking the 1st anniversary of on-the-spot guidance to Kim Chaek University of Technology by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the performance "Song of Yearning" was given by the art group at the University Indoor-stadium, on Sep. 27.

The executive officials of the university sat together with staff members and students.

The performance which began with the chorus "We’ve Wanted to See You" ardently depicted their earnest longing for the Supreme Leader. The Supreme Leader, who added luster to dignity and mettle of the powerful state all over the world and visited the university celebrating its 70th anniversary, entrusted them to support the party and revolution with science and technology. And on the day of the election of deputies to the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly, he visited the university again and gave a pep-talk to fulfill their responsibility and obligation as the locomotive to lead the economic construction and the eldest son most trusted by the party.

The performers made an epical depiction of the romantic and happy life of the staff members and students, who enjoy the most proud and joyful life, holding in high esteem the respected Supreme Leader, the great mentor of the educationists and scientists and benevolent father.

And they also demonstrated the unanimous zeal and spirit of the staff members and students to fulfill their mission as the locomotive and the eldest son of the country in invigorating the economy and in making a breakthrough for bettering the standard of the people’s living and in developing science and technology in leaps and bounds.

The performance closed with the choral poem and chorus "Oh, We Miss You, Dear Marshal" heating high with the pledge of loyalty of the staff members and students to demonstrate their spirits to the full as the eldest son university trusted and proudly held up most by our party on the grandiose march of self-reliance for a new upsurge in the socialist construction by whole-heartedly upholding the Supreme Leader whatever tempests they may encounter.