Exhibition of Educational & Scientific Achievements Held

The Exhibition of Educational & Scientific Achievements was held in the Indoor-stadium of Kim Chaek University of Technology from Sep.26 to Sep.30.

The entire lecturers and students of the university have made brilliant achievements in the scientific research to promote the university educational work and the economic development of the country for a year, bearing in mind the great trust of the respected Supreme Leader who visited the university celebrating its 70th anniversary and highly appreciated as the eldest son university.

In the exhibition, the textbooks, reference books and education-aid programs and state-of-the art experimental equipments were highlighted, which reflect the world trend of the educational development and educational requirements.

In the exhibition, the scientific research achievements such as the combustion stabilization technology of the pulverized coal boiler in the thermal power station, daylighting system by the solar light induced equipment, unmanned plane for fire protection guiding System, whole direction autoguided vehicle, hologram fan, power generation system using rice hull gas were highly estimated to be practical and of great economic significance.