Sport and amusement games played

Sports competitions and entertainment games of the teaching staff and students were held from Sep.16 to 27 in the gym and playground of the university on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of giving on-the-field guidance to Kim Chaek University of Technology of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and the 71st founding anniversary of our university.

Through some competitions and games such as health Taekwondo, popular rhythmic gymnastics, tug of war, football, volleyball, basketball and table tennis, the teaching staff and students fully demonstrated the high techniques, spirit of collectivism and ennobling moral traits they had cultivated by taking an active part in mass sports in the last times.

Not only so impressive were the games which were demonstrating the unity of the collective and showing the combative spirit, quick and skillful activities and thrilling goals continuously but so cheerful was the enthusiasm of cheering the athletes of the teaching staff and students in a crazy way that made the sports and games more competitive.

The Faculty of Industrial Economic Management took part in the final game after winning all opponent units from qualifying to semi-final games and won the first place in the football game.

The Faculty of Materials Science and Technology won the 1st place in the basketball game, the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Technology in the volleyball and table-tennis games, the Faculty of Information Science and Technology in the tug of war and the Distance Faculty in tennis and badminton games.

Through the competitions and games, the teaching staff and students fully demonstrated their burning enthusiasm and will that they are going to make a great contribution to the building of the powerful socialist country with greater successes in education and science and technology by improving their physical fitness.