Highly appreciated in the 5th Students’ Foreign Language Competition

The 5th Students’ Foreign Language Competition was held in the e-library of Kim Il Sung University from Oct. 16 to 17.

This competition was held in Chinese, a second foreign language of the students, drawing 23 students from 21 universities and colleges which won the preliminary competition held in University of Science last July 16th and 17th where about 200 students from 80 odd national universities and colleges of technology, education and teacher training.

It consisted of 5 stages, presentation, interpretation of Korean feature films, singing songs, listening to sci-tech multi-media and interpretation of idioms and proverbs.

Pae Kang Gon, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Automatic Engineering won the first place by getting the highest marks in each stage and Son Kyong Ryong, a 3rd year student of Faculty of IT Science and Technology took the 4th place.

Our students have been raising a fierce flame of studying foreign languages for acquiring more than 3 foreign languages in the university course, bearing in their minds the importance of foreign language study to attain a high knowledge of the modern science.