Retrospective Meeting Held

On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the retrospective meeting of the staff and students of our university “the Campus in December burning with Pledge of Repayment” was held in the gym of the university on Dec. 14.

Hong So Hon, a Kim Il Sung Prize laureate and academician, prof. and Dr. President of the university, said with deep emotion that it was the emotional December then, and every December he had a great yearning of Chairman Kim Jong Il who visited our university twice even in the new century and held it up to be the pedigree of education of science and technology and pioneer of IT industrial revolution.

It was followed by speeches of Ryu Sun Ryol, candidate academician, prof. and Dr. Graduate school supervisor, Kim Sun Hui, Dr. and assistant prof. head of Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Kim Hyo Yong, Dr. and prof. researcher of Faculty of Applied Chemical Engineering and Jong Il Chol, prof. and Dr., Labour hero of the DPRK and head of Faculty of Automatic Engineering. Looking back on the past days, they all said earnestly that having been guided by the extraordinary scientific wisdom and taken good care of Chairman Kim Jong Il, research teams of our university had been able to make brilliant successes to resolve the scientific and technological problems arising in different aspects of the national economy.

The speakers including Hyon Song Chol, head of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, made up their minds to be good at training students into creation-oriented talents with high faculties of inquiry and application and

The meeting with songs, "Endless Is Our Yearning" and "The General Is Immortal as the Sun" which express their earnest missing and burning minds to hold the Chairman Kim Jong Il in high esteem forever.