Congratulations to Women Educationists!

Mar. 8 is the International Women’s Day.

Marking this day, honorable women educationists who have made sacrifice of themselves for the education of future generation are blessing themselves with greetings of congratulations and gratitude. Not merely as mothers for one family but as meticulous and strict educationists for the fatherland, they bring up all the students to be excellent talents.

Among them are Prof. Doc. Kim Hye Won, lecturer in English who has made strenuous efforts to raise students’ English ability for 40 years, Doc. Assoc. Prof. Pak Kyong Suk, lecturer in Juche Philosophy who has done his best to bring up students into revolutionary talents armed with the Juche idea, the revolutionary idea, Doc. Asso. Prof. Chae Kum Sun, mentor in the Instruction Department who has been engaged in improving educational methods for 30 years to develop our university level onto that of the first-rate university, Doc. Assoc. Prof. Kim Sun Hui, Head of Department in the Faculty of Information Science & Technology who has brought up brilliant I.T technicians for 30 years.

Ryang Myong Jun, a student in the faculty of Mining Engineering says as following.

"I’m proud of such superb lecturers. We love and respect them. Marking this day, I sincerely wish my lecturers, flowers of the family and the fatherland to look young in good health."

How dare can we say that is the congratulation of a student to those?

They are not all. Other women lecturers at the university who have concentrated every effort to the academic work since young are now presented armful of bouquets.

"Many happy returns of the Women’s Day."