Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a birthday spread to Ri Si Hup, researcher of College of Material Sciences and Technology

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a birthday spread to Kim Jong Il Prize winner, Prof. and Dr. Ri Si Hup, a researcher of Faculty of Materials Science and Technology marking his 80th birthday.

Since he graduated from the university, Dr. Ri Si Hup worked as a researcher, vice-dean of science affairs, manager of scientific research and vice-president of science affairs for 51 years under the warm care of the Party. In those days he trained over ten science talents including doctors and wrote several books worth a treasure of the country such as “Encyclopedia of Metallic Materials” as well as 16 kinds of textbooks, reference books and essays of more than 40 000 pages, thus making a great contribution to the strengthening of the academic foundations for the major field.

Upholding the Party’s policy of giving priority to the science and technology, he waged a vigorous struggle to challenge others in terms of talent and search so as to complete research tasks arising in various sectors of the national economy and in the development of science and technology on the highest level. His achievements brought great pleasures to the great leaders and the Supreme Leader several times.

Highly praising his achievement in the scientific research, the great leaders and the Supreme Leader gave him thanks several times, awarded official commendations including the watch with the august name of the President, conferred the doctor’s degree and professor’s title, held him up to be the winner of Kim Jong Il Prize, the supreme honor of a citizen, and gave him honor to take part in a number of conferences including the National Conference of Intellectuals and had a photo session with him.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un learnt in person his birthday even in the busy days of revolutionary leadership and showed great benevolence of sending the birthday spread.

Receiving the spread full of love of the Supreme Leader, he and his family, moved and excited, made up their minds to devote all their wisdom and passion to the breakthrough head-on to open up a new road for the building of a powerful socialist country.