Various portable analyzers developed

Research team led by Kim Kum Chol, the laboratory head from the Faculty of Electronics, developed various high-efficiency portable analyzers with self-technology and is gaining public favors from various fields of national economy.

Colon bacilli analyzer developed by the research team analyzes colon bacilli in water, whose measurement range is 0~1 000/mL, minimum disjointing capability is 1/mL. Toxic gas analyzer analyzes CO, CO2, SO2, NO2, O3, H2S etc. in the air and its measurement range is 0~1 000ppm, minimum disjointing capability is 0.1ppm, analyzing time is less than 10s. The measurement range of procedure saltiness gauge used in the analysis of saltiness for underground ultra-salty water, soya and bean paste production process of basic foodstuff factories, saltiness of seawater, boiler feed water etc. is 0~30%, minimum disjointing capability is 0.1ppm. Of turbidity analyzer, measurement range is 0~10NTU and minimum disjointing capability is 0.1NTU. They are now developing their research work for further enhancing the accuracy of their analyzers.