Kim Jong Gun, State Top-Honored Scientist & Technician in 2019

Doc. Associate Prof. Kim Jong Gun, Head of Institute, in the Faculty of Materials Science & Technology is a competent scientist who played a pivotal role in establishing the product manufacturing technology by metal powder injection forming, thereby making products in several branches home-made.

He completed this research to introduce in keeping with our reality this technology that can manufacture, at low cost, small-size, complex-shaped products and established a medium-scale trial production process at the university.

In April, Juche 100(2011), he gave pleasure to Chairman Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who personally visited the spot in the course of introducing this technology and had the honour of posing for photographs together with peerless great men.

Chairman Kim Jong Il scrupulously watched and highly praised their achieved data, showing great trust and love that wherever he went, he could find the researchers of Kim Chaek University of Technology, and that they were treasures who played pioneers’ role in making the industry modernized and on scientific basis.

In the last period he developed rare-earth permanent magnet, which is a core element in products such as audio instrument, step motor and wind power generator and played important roles in industrializing the production of the rare earth permanent magnet production, thus making valuable scientific research achievements significant in boosting the national economy.

On several occasions he was given thanks and highly appreciated from Chairman Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

He put great effort into training educational and scientific reserves, bringing up more than 10 persons with academic degrees or titles with credit.

Now he is full of enthusiasm to devote all his talents, skills and ardor to open up a breakthrough for the development of the economy with a torchlight of science and technology, bearing in mind the trust and expectation of the Party and the fatherland who brought him up into state top-honor scientist & technician.