“We Love My Mother With All Our Hearts”

A few days on the eve of the Mothers’ Day, Ri Un Sim and Ri Un Gyong, daughters of Prof. Doc. Kim Sun Hui, head of Department of the Faculty of Information Science & Technology met as they promised on their way home.

They would like to sing a song reflecting their warm hearts in memory of that significant day, but they could not choose a suitable song.

Thinking about the titles of songs such as “When Mother Brightly Smiles”, “Mother’s Happiness”, they began to call back their mother’s tenor of life.

No words can describe the devotion of their mother who volunteered to take the career in teaching at the university over 30 years following her father, for the rising generation and for the development of science and technology of the country.

Their mother with tireless ardor used to write new teaching plans and many reference books in her spare time, in spite of busy household affairs!

Their mother with lofty aspiration led two daughters into the rostrums at the university as vocational revolutionaries generation after generation, and set examples in each step!

Looking back into the life course taken by their mother who had the honor of posing for memorial picture with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the 14th National Teachers’ Conference, two daughters shouted like this.

“We sincerely respect you. We love you with all our hearts.”

These words uttered in spite of themselves would be the sincerest song from the bottom of their hearts.