“Our Socialist Country is the Best in the World!”

Choe Yong Myong, student in the 5th grade at Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Kim Chaek University of Technology, has been a member of the family of the special class disabled soldier couple for nearly 20 years since the day of his first visit with his parents on January 1, Juche 92(2003) when he was 3 years old.

What was imprinted on the pupils of the young boy’s eyes was his father and mother, who kept running about in sweat to help the disabled soldier who was always on the bed. Today the student is following this road.

In his childhood he spent more days with the cheerful passionate disabled soldier rather than with his grandmother, who took every possible care of him. Sometimes he had to get punished before the strict “uncle” when he failed to do his homework because of himself much absorbed in play. However he was always at his side.

When he went to university after the middle school, he paid more and more attention to the disabled soldier.

The ideological and moral world of the disabled soldier, who took treatment strenuously with strong will withstanding the unbearable pain for 24 years in bed and who was even more passionate than any of his colleagues was inscribed as the mirror which the student reflected himself in.

It seems to be the reason why his heart towards the soldier got warmer and warmer as the days went by.

He did devote himself to the soldier from the childhood when he put various kinds of healthy food prepared by his mother into the soldier’s mouth, and the middle school days when he read a book at the bedside, to the university days when he gave the soldier his favourite computer, taught him how to type on the keyboard and to use application software, and translated a number of foreign books and magazines needed for his treatment.

Choe Yong Myong and his parents found the word “one family” not in the lines from a book but on their own skin and flesh.

Therefore special class disabled soldier Hong Kum Chol and his wife Ju Kum Hwa expressed their feelings in the letter to KUT as follows:

“The Workers’ Party of Korea, our socialist country training a huge army of such reliable youths is the best in the world!”