Study on Fluid Flow Characteristics with Elastic Boundary

Kim Song Chol, researcher in the Faculty of Mining Engineering proposed the mathematical model and solution that reflects the fluid flow in the dual-porosity reservoir with an elastic outer boundary to consider the flow characteristics.

In reality where oil, gas and water resources are developed, it is general that the dual-porosity reservoirs have the characteristics of both fissility and porosity.

In the preceding research, the percolation model is considered to be ideal boundary, and not to be elastic boundary that reflects real state.

In his paper he plotted the percolation model of dual-porosity reservoirs with elastic outer boundary and obtained the solution in Laplace space by using the Laplace inverse.

Then, by applying the numerical inverse Stehfest Laplace transformation, he found the solution in real space and analysed the characteristics of flowing period.

This proposed mathematical model can enhance the correctness of the well-test analysis of dual porosity reservoir.

His paper “Analyzing fluid flow characteristics in a dual-porosity reservoir with an elastic outer boundary” is carried on the SCI magazine “Acta Geophysica”.