Acad., Prof. and Dr. Kim Haeng Son, teacher of Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

Kim Haeng Son was born in Chongjin City, North Hamgyong Province on May 24, Juche 38(1949).

He has devoted his all to the education of the rising generation and scientific research for 46 years since Juche 64(1975), when he graduated from university.

He wrote 20 kinds of textbooks and reference books including Metal Welding, Welding Heat Procedure, Dissimilar Metal Welding, Materials for Pressurized Light Water Reactor and Welding and Six Language Vocabulary on Welding, and trained 7 Doctors and more than 20 Masters. By regenerating the large-scale bearing roll by means of deposition, he had the honour of receiving thanks from Chairman Kim Jong Il and also greatly contributed to the development of the economy and of science and technology of the country by successfully completing tens of research projects for several sectors of the national economy.

He was awarded the title of academician in July, Juche 110(2021).