Industrial Big Data Aggregation and Analysis System in Cloud Computing Environment

A research group including Kim Ryo Chol, teacher from Faculty of Information Science & Technology fulfilled the big data process, an important part of the smart manufacturing system of an enterprise to build industrial big data aggregation and analysis system in cloud computing environment in which economic technical indices such as norms for the consumption of materials per unit, production time, quality, power consumption etc. can be analyzed in real time.

The group built a platform which can collect and analyze the information of overall process of technical preperation, equipment management and production activity in big data of cloud computing system.

On the basis of it they fulfilled the faulty ratio factor analysis in quality control, big data analysis for the reduction of production period and production optimization analysis based on predictive estimation of quality factor of equipment to provide the assurance of higher economic effectiveness and to contribute to the building of smart manufacturing system.

Thus they not only reduced the management cost, but also improved the quality and productivity of manufactures.