Highly Appreciated in Symposium of Space Science and Technology - 2021

From 17 to 19, November, the symposium was held under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of Korean Federation of Science and Technology, drawing scientists, technicians, teachers, postgraduate students, officials, etc. from scientific and educational institutions including Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology and State Academy of Sciences.

It was divided into 4 sections: artificial earth satellite, space materials and elements, space observation and basic sciences and applied technology, where 190-odd papers from various units were examined.

What attracted the attention of experts were those that gave a fresh solution to the pressing issues arising in further developing technologies of development, control, observation and communication of artificial earth satellites such as manufacturing and testing satellites and their parts, satellite navigation and orbit and attitude control, development of SAR and satellite camera, satellite communication, ground observation and development of various kinds of satellite materials.

“Ways To Extract and Improve Topographic Formlines by Digital Elevation Model” by Jong Hak Chol, a researcher at Faculty of Earth Science and Technology was considered to have a practical significance in surveying soil and forest resources, forecasting natural disasters, automatically detecting damaged areas, quantitatively deciding the extent of damage with the help of satellite data.

Besides, highly appraised were several suggestions including those by Kim Song Nam, a researcher at Faculty of Earth Science and Technology and Han Yong Su, a section head at Faculty of Physics Engineering.