Method To Evaluate Overall Performance of Cast Aluminum Alloys Using Most Representative Quality Index

Cast aluminum alloys are quite widespread and they find more and more applications in modern industry such as aerospace, navigation and railway transport thanks to their good mechanical property, castability, corrosion resistance, etc.

Quality indices are a measure to quantify quality of the alloy on the basis of its mechanical properties.

The indices are Q, QR, QC, QD(Q0), QE, etc. Each one has its own unique features and individual one cannot display the overall performance of cast aluminium alloys.

The most representative indices to evaluate their overall performance can be chosen by two methods ― method of correlation analysis between quality indexes and mechanical properties and method of correlation analysis and rank deviation analysis between overall performance scores obtained from quality indices and MCDM method.

The analysis result showed that Q0 proved to be the most representative one of all the indices Q, QR, QC and Q0, and that Q0 can be used instead of MCDMs for evaluation of overall performance of cast aluminum alloys and selection of optimal cast aluminum alloys.

Detailed information about this can be found in the paper “ Method to evaluate overall performance of cast aluminum alloys using most representative quality index instead of MCDM method” presented by Yang Won Chol, a researcher at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, to the SCI Jounal “International Journal of Metalcasting”.