Experiment Device for Vibration Measurement of Ship Hull Model

The research group led by Pae Ho Rim, a section head at the Faculty of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering, has developed an experiment device for measuring natural frequency of a ship hull.

The device measures the natural frequency of a ship hull model by the principle that resonance occurs when natural frequency is coincident with the frequency of forced vibration caused by decentration mass.

The device consists of ship hull model, vibration generator, unit for motor velocity control, frequency sensor, acceleration sensor, amplification and integration circuit, communication interface, user interface, etc.

The model is 1.2 metres long, 0.1 metres wide and 0.1 metres high. The cross section is rectangular and the bow and stern assume a pyramidal form.

The user interface shows the graphs and values of real-time signals of revolution, displacement, acceleration and velocity.