Land and Environment Information System “Mannyondaegye”

A research team led by Pak Chan Il, a section head at the IT Institute, has developed a land and environment information system “Mannyondaegye”, based on GIS.

The system offers inspection, measuring, search, analysis, statistic research and editing of a wide range of information in the field of land and environment such as land, forests, roads, rivers and streams, and national boundaries on PCs.

Several technologies and functions are realized in the system: 3D visualization of raster data, stratification and segmentation for visualization of big vector data in the land and environment sector, measurement of distances, areas, etc. on the map, spatial and non-spatial searches in various modes, addition and editing of spatial objects and subjects, and data import and export.

It guarantees scientific accuracy in GIS-based businesses for management of land and environment resources and serves as an integrated GIS, which means the possibility of an effective use in various sectors of the national economy.