A celebration artistic performance given by the staff and students on the occasion of Day of the Shining Star

On the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star, the biggest and most auspicious national holiday, was given a celebration artistic performance by the staff and students in the University Indoor Stadium on Feb. 15th.

The performance which started with a poem and chorus Glory to the General was given amidst the atmosphere of boundless high respect for Chairman Kim Jong Il, who had opened up the new era of national prosperity with his outstanding and seasoned leadership and guaranteed the ever-lasting future of Juche Korea.

Appreciating a female chorus February Is Spring, an oungum duet The fog creeps Jong Il Peak and a dialogic poem Patriotic Devotion and the like, all audience looked back upon the immortal exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il who added glory to the dignity and honor of Kim Il Sung Korea working very hard day and night through thick and thin for the fatherland and people under the uplifted red flag of revolution all his life since he was born in the secret camp on Mt. Paektu and spent his childhood with guns.

The performers in a male vocal three Song of affection for the People, a female solo Wherever We Go and See in the Country, a male solo Red Chol Pass praised ardently the eager yearning for the great General Kim Jong Il who visited our university twice even in the new century and gave us as much affection and benevolence as possible, calling them pioneers of information industrial revolution and the treasure and talented group of our country.

A composite chorus and pangchang Our National Flag, a witty talk Blessing, a women’s vocal five Best Is His Embrace and a female solo Our Dear Marshal highly praised that our people are filled with the great national pride and self-confidence that we have been blessing with the great leader and the general from generation to generation as we have in high esteem Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is trying to realize the ennobling patriotic desire and the idea of the powerful nation of the great leaders and also all things that the peerless great men wished are being translated into reality by him on this land.

While they were singing in chorus loudly with performers a poem and chorus The People are beside the Marshal, a song We’ll go to Mt. Paektu, all audience made a firm resolution to make a brilliant educational and scientific success in the revolutionary grand advance forward of this year which will be written in the great history of the fatherland through our diligent and worthwhile labor, cherishing in their minds the principle of our state first as an element of their faith under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.