In order to consolidate ours as a worldwide-level technical university

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited our university on Sep. 19, Juche90(2001). Having first looked round the monument to field guidance of President Kim Il Sung’s visits to our university and the monuments inscribed with the on-site instructions of the three Generals of Mt Paektu, he stepped into several labs and the Education and Science Exhibition Hall on the first and second floors of the main building, seeing the achievements made in the education and scientific and technological research.

He met old veteran professors and doctors and had a hearty talk with them.

He gave precious teachings concerning bringing up talented technical cadres keeping up with the mission of the university by improving instruction and education work.

In his talk, he emphasized the rearrangement of the educational program and teaching plans, the unceaseless modernization of the education contents and the increase of the application of IT into all the technical subjects in order to meet the requirements of the new century, IT era.

He added the importance of laboratory and practical training by combining theoretical education and practical one, in particular, equipping the laboratories with up-to-date facilities and making the students familiarized with them.

He continued to say in earnest that it is of vital importance to improve the teachers’ competence, because only those armed with modern science and technology are able to bring up talented students.

Saying that scientists play a very important role in the development of science and technology, he stated that the research work must be directed for the development of the country’s science and technology.

He said that, through his visit, he had found several buildings uncompleted and decided to make additional plans for the library and gymnasium of Kim Chaek University of Technology and arrange to help this project on the municipal scale of Pyongyang city, with the design of the library modified and finally to make its library one of the most famous in Asia and its gymnasium fit to many purposes.

Indeed, his Sep. 19th-visit opened an epochal change in bringing up technically-talented students more and better in accordance with the knowledge-based economy era.

Immortal Leadership

70th Anniversary