Brilliant Leadership

  • Spring Water the Chairman Tasted in Person
    • One day in January, Juche 100(2011), Chairman Kim Jong Il paid a visit to the Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory situated at the foot of picturesque Mt. Ryongak.

      Looking attentively at the analysis table with the officials’ explanations, the Chairman was very satisfied with the fact that Ryongaksan spring water has the right amount of selenium and fluorine beneficial to health, whereas other world-famous do not. Presently, the Chairman looked around the production line. He tasted in person the spring water produced there to estimate the quality.

      The officials were deeply moved.

      They experienced once again his passionate love for the people when the Chairman even bothered to taste water for promoting the people’s health in the teeth of the intense cold.

      After a while, the Chairman appreciated the taste of the water, highly praising the scientists and the officials and workers of the factory for discovering the sources of a large quantity of water of a high quality in the place which had been called Wollo-ri (literally meaning many macrobians thanks to its quality water from olden times), and for setting up the modern factory to supply the citizens of the capital with processed spring water.

    On the First Sunday in December
    • On the first Sunday in December when the year Juche 100(2011) was coming to an end, Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the Amusement Park of Kaeson Youth Park built for cultural recreation of the people.

      Going round the different places of the amusement park built in line with a modern taste, he learnt in detail about the management and operation. Then, he told the accompanying officials to try the machines in order to check on the operation.

      When they were thrilled that the rotary machines going sharply up and down swept their fatigue away, the Chairman carried a broad smile on his face as if he was hearing the happy laughter of the people. That day, he gave precious instructions on the issues of supplying the service facilities in the amusement park with enough raw materials for their effective operation and of scrupulously managing and operating the amusement park so that people would enjoy themselves without feeling any slight inconvenience.

    Ultimate People-oriented Constitution
    • The socialist constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the ultimate people-oriented one for workers, farmers, soldiers and intellectuals.

      One day in March, Juche 62(1973), a leading official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a phone call from President Kim Il Sung.

      Talking about offering our socialist constitution to other countries for reference, the President acknowledged that the socialist constitution was well-established. Then, the President informed him that it was being studied even at a university in a capitalist country.

      The following fact shows what great sensations our socialist constitution caused throughout the world.

      In a forum on our socialist constitution that was held at the proposition of the personages of the political parties and women organizations in a hostile country, a lady figure was unsparing in her praise. She said, “The socialist constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is very specific in the description of every detail, and unlike those of other countries, it enables the working masses to take part in the socialist construction with attitude of masters. In every chapter and every article of this superior constitution are fully embodied the Juche philosophy of President Kim Il Sung, who clarified that man is the master of everything.”

      However, nobody in the world including her is aware of the emotional story that our President gave detailed instructions even on a single provision and a single expression of the draft constitution of over 100 provisions to make it people-oriented.

    Shoelace and Mental “Lace”
    • One day after liberation, the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk met a guardsman.

      When he primped himself and paid a courteous salute, she acknowledged it, telling him in an affectionate voice that his shoelace was undone.

      Only then, he came to realize that the lace on one of his shoes was left untied.

      When he lowered his head to tie it up with a deep blush, she warned him that shoes are like wings for a soldier, and that as a bird without wings cannot fly, so a soldier with shoes on against the rules can neither fulfill the guard duty nor perfect the appearance of a soldier of a regular army.

      Then, she stressed that he should regard it as a matter of the loose mental “lace” of a guardsman, not a mere matter of an untied shoelace, and that he should be alert in his military service at all times and in all places.

      Blaming himself, who failed to obey military regulations with a moment of slackness, he made a firm resolution to be an example of obeying the regulations and a genuine guardsman who would never allow even a moment of relaxation of his mental grip.

    Warm Blessing
    • One day several years ago, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected an army unit that won the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment.

      Organized according to the far-sighted wisdom and operational plan of President Kim Il Sung, the unit was associated with the immortal leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who appointed its location on the spot.

      The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected the monument to field guidance erected for retelling through generations the immortal leadership exploits of the Chairman, and other places of the unit.

      He instructed that the commanding officers and combatants should make achievements in their combat and political training with great pride in serving in the army at the honored post in order to add glory to the leadership exploits of the President and the Chairman, and that they should train the combatants to be strong in ideology and faith who keep to the revolutionary faith even on the scaffold by intensifying the education for fully preparing them politically and ideologically as well as physically and militarily and technologically. Looking at the photographs of the heroes produced by the unit one by one, he was satisfied that it had produced so many heroes of the Republic.

      As if he was looking back upon the heroic soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the Party and the leader, the country and the people, he gazed at them for a long time.

      Then, stressing that they should never nullify the blood shed by the heroic soldiers, he, with great trust, wished all the combatants to become heroes in making a breakthrough in a great war for national reunification true to the soul of the heroic soldiers.

    Mother Living an Eternal Life along with Watermill in Changbai
    • Ryom Po Bae was one of the women to whom President Kim Il Sung showed every sort of affection and benevolence calling them “mother”.

      Ever since he was acquainted with her for the first time in September, Juche 25(1936), she and her whole family stayed deep in the heart of the President along with the echo of the watermill in Changbai.

      As the Korean Peoples’ Revolutionary Army moved their field of action from Xijiandao to the shore of the Tuman River, it was impossible for the President to meet her and her family again, but nothing could ever break the relationship.

      Giving a field-guidance to Ryanggang Province in early May, Juche 47(1958), the President managed to have an emotional meeting with Ryom Po Bae, who he had been eager to see.

      This is how the tie between the President and Ryom Po Bae’s family was reformed after 20 years.

      Saying that he would care for her like his own mother, the President bestowed each and every kind of warm love on her.

      On holidays he invited her round to his residence for lunch and enjoyed films together, and on her 70th birthday he sent a birthday spread in case that she might not afford to celebrate it. In addition, he saw to it that she moved house near the hospital for fear that anything unpleasant might happen to her aged body anytime.

      Under the warm care of the President, Ryom Po Bae was able to lead a happy life to be over 90.

    Fathoming Mothers’ Feelings
    • It was a September 9 when the whole country was buzzing with holiday atmosphere.

      Even that day, Chairman Kim Jong Il was on the way of devotion for the country and the people when he met with a general of the Korean People’s Army.

      Still remembering that his home village was nearby, the Chairman asked if he had his parents or relatives in the home village.

      Quite pleased to hear that his mother was there, he continued to ask why he did not live with his own mother.

      He replied that his mother had made up her mind to do farming in her habitat until the last day of her life to repay for the benevolence of the President bearing in her mind the honour of meeting the President at the polling station in her home village after the war.

      The Chairman felt from her the loyalty of all mothers in the country.

      The Chairman told him:

      You should drop by at your mother’s in the home place as often as possible; mothers stay worried about their offspring even after they grow old enough to have grey hair; they wait for them all the time in the bottom of their hearts even if they tell them to think only about their work but not to waste time bothering to visit them; mothers are worried all their lives; so you should make a trip to visit your mother.

      The general was indeed impressed with the instruction of the Chairman, who fathomed even mothers’ feelings.

    Dear Home for Learning to Heart’s Content
    • One day in June, Juche 103(2014), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Ssuk Islet with an ambitious plan to have a great temple for making all people well-versed in science and technology built on the highest level.

      That day he gave a name Sci-tech Complex to the service base of science and technology, a comprehensive e-library where any kinds of information in all fields would be available, and he clarified all the issues arising in its design and construction.

      Then he stressed that the Sci-tech Complex should be built magnificently as a building fully embodied in our Party’s idea of attaching importance to science and technology and as a dear home for all the people to acquire knowledge in to their heart’s content.

      Under his great guidance, the Sci-tech Complex was built in an excellent way as a great temple of learning for all the people where the scientific and technological civilizations of the mankind are comprehensively digitized and as a large-scale data storage house with a huge capacity which provides with a constant supply of up-to-date sci-tech knowledge. It still tells the whole world the noble outlook on the people and the country of a peerlessly great man.

    To Put Study and Production of Vegetables on Scientific Basis
    • It was an early morning in September, Juche 101(2012).

      According to nobody’s expectation, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute silently.

      He made a round of different places of the institute saying that it was a modern and comprehensive base for research on and production of vegetables established by the noble intention of Chairman Kim Jong Il, who was so concerned about providing our people with a bountiful diet.

      Noting that since it was the age of science and technology, they should proactively introduce cutting-edge technology to increase the output of vegetables, he gave precious teachings on putting vegetable growing on a scientific basis.

      When he looked at the vegetables under trial, he was pleased with the fact that science and technology were in close combination with production. He added that they should show it to our people to let them aware of how putting the study and production of vegetables on a scientific basis was guaranteed.

      Indeed, the lofty intention of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who is always thinking about bringing more happiness to his beloved people as early as possible, was being inscribed on the moments of strong emotion.

    Every Party is Equal
    • It was one day in June, Juche 64(1975).

      President Kim Il Sung paid an official goodwill visit to then Yugoslavia and met its leader, Josip Broz Tito, who envied our country saying that it pushed on to the front as it wanted to without seeking any foreign approval.

      And he imparted his agony of his mind to the President, saying that they had been suffering from some kinds of pressures and criticisms on the way of building self-governing socialism against hegemony.

      The President advised him that every party should arm their party members with their own ideas and policies without following others blindly and that when a man turned to flunkeyism, he would become an idiot, when a nation took to flunkeyism, it would fall into ruin, and when a party followed flunkeyism, it would make a mess of revolution and construction.

      The President added with emphasis that every party in the world is equal and they cannot be master parties nor servant parties.

    Fundamental Principle of Workers’ Party of Korea
    • It was when Chairman Kim Jong Il started work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

      Seated together with some officials, the Chairman taught that in order to develop our Party into the party of Comrade Kim Il Sung for ever, it was necessary to identify correctly the main task in the Party work and activities, and that it was to thoroughly establish the ideological system of President Kim Il Sung in the entire Party.

      He continued that it is a fundamental principle of the building of our Party and its activities to establish the ideological system of the President throughout the party, and that it is the most important one to permanently hold fast to in the whole course of its activities as long as our Party exists. He stressed, in an earnest tone, that all of our Party work and activities should be focused on establishing the ideological system of the President, holding him up in higher esteem, and thoroughly implementing his instructions.

    Earnest Instruction
    • One day in July, Juche 101(2012), the sultriest in the period of summer heat, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the building site of Ryugyong Health Complex. Making a round of different places of the construction site one after another, he showed close concern for any slight shortcoming in the service for people.

      Noting that some parts still needed small touches, he said that they should work well until the day of its completion keeping in mind that they should never be satisfied with work for people.

      Then, he moved his steps to the People’s Open-Air Ice Rink.

      Leaving the traces of devotion for the people in the sweltering weather, he pointed out that more importance should be attached to the content than to the style as Ryugyong Health Complex and the People’s Open-Air Ice Rink were presents to the people from our Party.

      He earnestly asked them not to make haste for completion but to build them to be impeccable even in the distant future by exacting higher demand.

      When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was finally leaving in the dark late at night, the officials were moved to tears, looking up to him.

    Devotion after Devotion
    • One day in August, Juche 102(2013), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made another visit, amid the summer heat, to the building site of the Mirim Riding Club.

      Noting that the construction of Mirim Riding Club was of great significance in glorifying the leadership exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il and providing our people with a more civilized life, he gave detailed instructions on completing it on a world level. His instructions covered many aspects ― building well the room for preservation of revolutionary relics conveying the leadership feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il associated with the Mirim Riding Club generation after generation, finishing the outer walls of the buildings under construction in a unique way with natural materials as designed to look like real log buildings, leveling evenly the tracks of earth and sand for convenient riding, thickly covering the indoor riding ground with sawdust, building more circular riding grounds, etc.

      As time passed, the officials could not help fixing their eyes more and more on his shirt that was getting soaked in the midsummer heat.

      With his firm pledge to work harder, one of the officials, reflecting the desire of all people across the country, wished the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un good health.

      Saying that he should do everything for people however sultry the weather was, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un embarked on another on-site guidance tour.

    Unforgettable Consultative Meeting
    • One day in January several decades ago, President Kim Il Sung had a consultative meeting with the officials in the design sector in Pyongyang City.

      Pointing out that the issue of dwelling houses for people was not satisfactorily settled, he said in a heart-rending tone that hundreds of letters a day were being sent to the Party Central Committee, most of which were from the people wishing to have their own homes.

      The officials could not lift up their heads filled with remorse as they regarded housing shortage as inevitable in the difficult postwar conditions and they thought people would understand the current situations.

      The President spent hours with the officials clarifying the ways he had personally found out to provide our people with bases for happy life as soon as possible during his tireless field guidance tours even late at nights and at early dawns.

      It was indeed an unforgettable consultative meeting that implanted in the hearts of the officials in the design sector a valuable philosophy that our construction should be the one entirely for people.

    Comrade Acquisition
    • It was at the Hwasong Uisuk School in 1926.

      One day there was a football match. Towards the end of the game, comrade Ri, who was playing the most active part as a forward of the Hwasonguisuk Team, collided with a player from the other team and hurt his leg.

      When everybody was watching him with a concerned look, President Kim Il Sung rushed towards him, promptly took him on his back and started running to the doctor’s. Since then, the President showed all his sincerity to cure him completely.

      Some days later, Ri was completely recovered thanks to the utmost sincerity and care of the President. Grasping the hands of the President, Ri said in a choked voice that he felt parental affection from him for the first time in his life.

      Feeling glad about the immediate recovery of his classmate, the President said that comrades are those who share ideology and destiny helping and leading one another on the road of revolution and remain true to their comradeship forever to struggle together. Let us be permanent comrades for the great cause of national independence sharing ideology and helping and leading each other, he added. Moved to tears at his words, Ri tightened his grip on the hands of the President.

      With the step he took at the Hwasong Uisuk School as a starting point, the President vigorously carried on obtaining comrades.

    Reflecting People’s Desire
    • It was one day in September the year after the national liberation.

      Seated together with some composers and writers, President Kim Il Sung informed them of the fact that now our people finally came to lead free and happy lives in the liberated country, they desired to sing of their joy and gratitude at the top of their voices and that it was natural for the people, who started to create new lives under the leadership of our Party, to call for their own national song.

      Looking at the writers and composers, who were in great excitement, the President called on them to write a national song as soon as possible.

      Later, when our national anthem “Patriotic Song” was completed, the President attended the deliberation meeting in person. After a careful listening to the song, the President said that it would be better to repeat the last few lines from “our people ever were renowned and sage, and rich in cultural heritage”, and that it is inadequate to sing that part just once as ours is a country that has a time-honoured history and is rich in cultural heritage. He continued that repeating the melodious last part once again would make the song sound more effective, harmonious and solemn, and make our people filled with a great national pride and dignity at the time of singing it.

      Indeed, our “Patriotic Song” is a valuable fruition of the outstanding guidance and the noble love for the country of President Kim Il Sung.

    With Lofty Mission
    • One day Chairman Kim Jong Il made a meaningful remark on the national anthem “Patriotic Song”.

      He said that ours is, as in “Patriotic Song”, a country full of valuable treasures, that our nation is a resourceful one with a time-honoured history and rich cultural heritage, and that our country has a lot worth boasting of internationally. He added in an earnest tone that it is we who have to carry on the Korean revolution so as to build a socialism and communism on this land.

      Bearing such a lofty sense of mission in his mind, the Chairman showed solemn respect to “Patriotic Song” and devoted all his life singing it deep in his mind for the sake of the country and the people.

    A Plane Flies in the Night Sky
    • One day, three miners who were working for increased production in a coal mine in the northern part of our country had an unexpected accident, which left them with severe burns. They were in a critical state.

      An official at the national level summoned some officials at the Provincial Party Committee and the mine immediately to make sure that treatment measures should be taken. However, he failed to make an immediate report to Chairman Kim Jong Il, fearing that the Chairman would worry about the miners in peril of their lives. When the Chairman learnt about this, he summoned the official and asked in a stern voice why he made no report on the fact.

      After a while, the Chairman said that an emergency measure should be taken to save the injured miners, adding in an impressive way that they should be saved and fully recovered under any circumstances so that they could continue their work at their post.

      Naming the doctors he was familiar with one by one, the Chairman said that it was important to send a medical team and medicines to the faraway injured miners in the shortest time and that it was necessary to fly a plane despite being late at night. Then he took necessary measures to mobilize a military plane.

      That is how a plane flew in the night sky as a moving scene to save a few coal miners.

    Holding up KUT as Pioneer of IT Industry Revolution
    • On September 19, Juche 90(2001), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited our university and gave instructions on training more and better sci-tech talents who would shoulder the building of a powerful socialist country in accordance with its mission and duty.

      He also clarified in detail all the issues of improving the education of the university ranging from preparing teaching programs and plans and modernizing the content of scientific and technological education to raising the proportion of application of IT and computers in technological subjects.

      In addition, he took benevolent measures for building an e-library and a multifunctional gymnasium at the university and for providing with all necessary experimental equipment for scientific research and education, books and vehicles.

      Some years after that, the Chairman made another visit to our university.

      Highly appreciating our university, which was making a great contribution to the development of science and technology of the country and to the building of an economic power, he warmly said that Kim Chaek University of Technology is a pedigree for training sci-tech talents and a pioneer of an IT industry revolution in our country.

    Blessings of Love
    • The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Kim Chaek University of Technology at the end of September, Juche 107(2018), when it was celebrating its 70th birthday.

      Noting that the university had made great contributions to the country’s scientific and technological education and independent development of the national economy, he said he was pleased to personally meet and congratulate the teachers and researchers of the glorious university on its 70th birthday. He extended congratulations on behalf of the Party and government to all the teachers and researchers who had devoted themselves to the education and scientific research for the prosperity and future of the socialist country.

      Encouraging them to make proud achievements in scientific and technological research and talents training in the future, too, by reliably carrying forward the 70 year-long brilliant tradition, he had a photo session with them.

      That day, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified the issues of improving the educational conditions and environment, content and method of the university, and bestowed great favors on the university.

    Instilling Confidence in Sure Victory
    • It was during the arduous march, the most severe in the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

      The Japanese imperialists mobilized even the fighter planes to pour down bombs, fire machine-gun bullets and scatter leaflets.

      Carried on the leaflets were words reading that it would be better for the guerillas to climb down the mountains and make a choice of leading a comfortable life instead of dying of starvation and cold.

      The guerillas in the main unit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army were filled with fierce rage at the leaflets scattered by the enemy.

      President Kim Il Sung inspired them with confidence in sure victory, saying that the day of victory would surely come no matter what pains and troubles they had to suffer, that they should endure the piercing cold for the coming 3 months, that when the snow melted down, the theatre of our vigorous struggle would be opened up, and that they should overcome all sorts of hardships until then so as to advance to our dear fatherland without fail.

      The priceless and meaningful instructions of President Kim Il Sung that they should fight to the last with faith in sure victory and indomitable militant spirit in order to hasten the day of fatherland liberation strongly touched the hearts of the guerillas.

    Only by Our Own Efforts
    • It happened when the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army had their activities in small units following the strategic line put forth at Xiaohaerbaling Meeting.

      The conclusion of the Neutrality Treaty between the Soviet Union and Japan caused ideological vacillation among some people who were not fully prepared ideologically but stained with flunkeyism.

      At that time President Kim Il Sung with his soldiers around him gave valuable teachings on completing the Korean revolution by our own efforts.

      When we set out on the road of revolution, we had decided to make a revolution by our own efforts with firm belief in the strength of our people, not relying on others and we had never dreamed about it, he said.

      He continued to say that a revolution is, in nature, made by the people by dint of their own idea and efforts and it could be neither presented by others nor on the market and that we would advance forward more bravely under the unfurled banner of completing the revolution only by our own efforts no matter how the situation might change and no matter what hardships and difficulties might block our advance. …

      Bearing such priceless teachings of President Kim Il Sung in their minds, the guerillas were filled with a firm belief “Let cowards flinch and traitors sneer; we will keep the Red Flag flying here!”

    March Route Set by Chairman Kim Jong Il
    • It was when Chairman Kim Jong Il was opening up a maiden route for study tour to the revolutionary battle sites on Mt. Paektu.

      On the day of arrival in Pochonbo, the Chairman set forth the orientation of the activity of the study tour party and asked for the officials for their opinions about deciding on how far they could go from Pochonbo.

      The only reply from one of the officials was that they could go no farther than Samjiyon and Rimyongsu.

      Looking at them from one to another, the Chairman said it was understandable for them to have such an opinion of the route as the discovery of revolutionary relics reached no farther than the areas in and around Samjiyon and Rimyongsu. Saying that more revolutionary relics needed to be found in the areas around Mt. Paektu, he underlined the need to keep on extending the march route to reach Mt. Paektu eventually.

      His remarks greatly excited the officials.

      The present march route to Mt. Paektu was born of the firm faith of the Chairman.

    An Official Gives a Full Account
    • One day Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a company of the Korean People’s Army stationed on an utmost front.

      Despite being boundlessly happy to have at their post the Chairman, who they had missed even in dreams, the soldiers were left in constant anxiety over the trouble he had to take on the rugged and snowy road.

      It was one of the officials that gave the soldiers a full account after the Chairman left there.

      “The Chairman said that he managed to arrange this visit despite being extremely busy since it seemed as if the soldiers defending their outpost on the utmost front were waiting for him more earnestly nearing the end of the year and that he finally went to bed after 1 a.m., but he had to get up early at 4 a.m. to leave for the post. He continued in an excited tone that even though it was pitch dark outside and the road was icy and dangerous because of a lot of snow, he was extremely pleased and cheerful to find himself on the road to the utmost front.

      Even when the official finished the story, the soldiers could hardly move their steps, deeply impressed.

    Peerlessly Great Man of All-round Knowledge
    • It happened in a year when President Kim Il Sung was on a visit to a country in Europe. One day he had a talk with the leader of the country.

      Discussed in the talk were some issues of mutual concern in such fields as politics, economy, culture, military affairs, etc.

      The talk lasted from the morning to the afternoon. Eventually the talk was coming close to an end when suddenly the hall witnessed a spectacle unprecedented in the history of diplomacy.

      The leader of the country hesitantly rose from the seat to glance at the small pocketbook laid before the President, which was a breach of etiquette.

      In the centre of the attention of the dumbfounded people, he asked, “President Kim Il Sung, may I ask what is in the mysterious pocketbook? You have been talking smoothly on the issues in all fields only relying on it without even an outlined plan for the talk.”

      With a generous smile on his face, the President showed the blue-covered pocketbook to him. Gazing into the “mysterious” pocketbook, the leader was amazed. It was because he could find only a few symbols and three or four lines of keywords.

      It was beyond his understanding because right from the beginning of the talk he had been dependent on the thick file of detailed plan of the talk prepared by the subordinate officials.

      (President Kim Il Sung has had no outlined plan throughout the whole course of the talk, but he has talked over that palm-sized pocketbook only before him.)

      That evening he expressed his feeling to the President.

      President Kim Il Sung, you are a peerlessly great man of all-round knowledge, if ever there was one!”

    Lesson of “A Car without a Steering Wheel”
    • On June 21, Juche 68(1979), President Kim Il Sung was stressing the need to maintain independence in carving out the destiny of a nation, when he told King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia a humour story “A Car without a Steering Wheel”, which was popular among the people in Eastern Europe.

      It goes like this.

      General secretary of the communist party of a European country gave the counterpart of the ruling party of another country a car with no steering wheel but a hook only at the front as a gift.

      When the latter complained that he could find no steering wheel, but only a hook attached to the front of the car, the former said:

      It would cause no problems. You can sit comfortably when the car is hooked to the back of the car in front. All you have to do is to sit still in your car when I drive the front car.

      The President looked at Norodom Sihanouk as though he was asking for the lesson gained from “A Car without a Steering Wheel”.

      Noting that the story teaches politicians a serious lesson, Sihanouk said, “Now I have realized that the steering wheel a politician should grab firmly in carving out the destiny of a nation is none other than independence.”

    Vegetable Field of Supreme Headquarters
    • It was one day in spring, Juche 40(1951).

      Having summoned a member of the supreme headquarters, President Kim Il Sung told him that he was going to look round the valley with him and headed towards the part above the commanding centre of the supreme headquarters. Watching the patches and waste land at the sides of the path, the President told him to ask the members at the headquarters to grow vegetables for themselves by bringing the hallow fields and all pieces of land available under cultivation.

      That day the President held a spade in his own hands to dig the soil over despite being extremely busy commanding the fronts. He also said that they should ease the burden on the farmers even a little and that from then on they should not depend on the farmers to be supplied with vegetables by growing them on their own.

      The President personally sowed seeds of several kinds of vegetables including spinach, cucumber, pak choi, garlic, spring onion, aubergine, etc. and removed the weeds dripping with sweat. Looking after the vegetable fields with such great care, he stressed that in the future they should keep on cultivating the fields and doing several other things as a sideline by their own effort for economical living and that they should be another model in organizing lives in conformity with wartime conditions.

      Seeing the fields in the valley where all kinds of fresh vegetables were growing, the farmers around the valley were moved to tears.

      (We will never find such a well-kept field among all fields in the world!)

    For Even a Single Ornament
    • One day the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Mirae Shop on the bank of the Pothong River.

      Shining on the hairpin stand at the very front of the daily necessities department were Cosmos hairpins whose mere name brings about earnest yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il.

      Filled with jewel hairpins in different shapes and colours, the stand resembled a flower bed with beautiful flowers in full bloom.

      Watching the stand with great satisfaction, he said in a tone of great pleasure that Cosmos hairpins are loved by our women. Then he continued that they should find out what shapes of hairpins are preferred by women before ordering them from factories so as to sell hairpins to our women’s liking and that it is important for all shops to find out as frequently as possible what shapes of commodities are preferred by customers when they are of the same kind.

    Deeply Inscribed Intention
    • One day the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave a field guidance to the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory.

      When he entered the make-up tool workshop, he noticed a worker making a make-up brush with a small piece of equipment. After some time of watching him working, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un told the officials that they had to mechanize the production processes.

      Noting that we do not necessarily need to follow the practice of manual production in other countries, he took an example of a unit that had successfully built a machine which other countries regarded as impossible to make, and then gave precious teachings on replacing manual labour with mechanization in the factory.

    Amid Blessings of Love
    • On 6 June, Juche 35(1946) a joint meeting of the children’s union organizations of Pyongyang City to form the Korean Children’s Union was held in Pyongyang.

      Before all those pressing affairs for the construction of a new country, President Kim Il Sung attended the meeting in person.

      Warmly waving back to the thunderous cheers of the schoolchildren, the President expressed his expectation that all of them should grow up into the pillars of the future to bring this new Korea into full bloom with great pride in having their own country. Then he wished that befitting the treasures of new Korea and the masters of new Korea they all would grow up healthily and learn enthusiastically to become heroes to build their new democratic country.

      The President repeated the expression “new Korea” several times in a few remarks of blessing full of great expectation and conviction.

      As though he was looking forward to the new history of our nation where children’s union members would become the masters of the future, the President, wearing a broad smile on his face, cast his eyes with great trust on the schoolchildren present at the meeting.

      Amid such blessings of love by the President, the Korean Children’s Union, political organization of the children in our country, was founded the year after liberation.

    Delayed Time of Performance
    • On 6 June, Juche 101(2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un attended the joint national meeting of the Korean Children’s Union Organizations in person and made a congratulatory speech to all the schoolchildren across the country. In the afternoon he appreciated the concert with the representatives.

      Originally, the concert was planned at 16:00.

      Showing deep concern and warm love for the events of the June Sixth Children’s Day so that our children could have eternally unforgettable memory in their minds throughout their lives, he wanted to do something more for them and suggested adding more pleasure to the children who were celebrating the founding day. Then he saw to it that the time of concert was delayed for the fireworks display.

      Thus, thanks to the splendid fireworks display in the night sky that followed the performance, the children could enjoy their holiday with even greater happiness and joy.

    With Invincible Tanks In the Lead
    • Our heroic tank unit involved in the operations on major thrust fronts in accordance with the strategic lines of President Kim Il Sung was supporting our forces in successfully breaking through the enemy’s defence line by radically strengthening the striking force. Their incredible charging speed struck the enemies with sheer terror.

      On the night of June 26, Juche 39(1950), our tank unit completely liberated Uijongbu and thus created favourable conditions for the operation for liberating Seoul.

      In order to desperately defend their nest Seoul, the enemy mobilized huge forces and built a strong defensive position.

      To cope with the prevailing situation, the President ordered the tank unit on the major thrust fronts to open up a route of charge for infantry units.

      His order was a wise policy that led our armed forces to smash the enemy’s defence line at a go and to charge at the stronghold of the enemy Seoul with invincible tanks in the lead as the main force of the attack.

      The enemies were totally thunderstruck by the vigorous advance of steel-like ranks with invincible tanks in the van as directed by the President.

    • It happened at Pyongyang Textile Machine Manufactory (then) one day in April, Juche 50(1961).

      In those days Chairman Kim Jong Il was spending the days of production practice there with his fellow students.

      That day, when a machinist entered the workshop, he saw the Chairman working hard with a file at the lathe.

      Wondering what the Chairman was doing, the machinist approached him. It turned out that the Chairman was filing away the flaws that the mechanist found impossible to clear.

      With no time to think, the mechanic took hold of the file from him, showing his willingness to do it.

      Saying that he was thinking about something just before, the Chairman told him to think about the feelings of our coming generation when this machine is handed down to them and explained that when they notice this flaw on the machine, they would probably decide that former machinists of Lathe No. 26 must not have had a clear conscience.

      He continued that loving one’s machine is immediately the expression of patriotism and that only machinists who love their motherland with all their soul could be in passionate love with their machines.

      Lathe No. 26 is still whispering that patriotism is not at all an abstract notion but valuing, taking good care of and loving everything in the country.

    “We Serve the People!”
    • It was October 28, Juche 92(2003).

      That day Chairman Kim Jong Il had a meaningful talk with leading officials of the Party Central Committee.

      Noting that “The People are God”, motto of President Kim Il Sung, is his own motto and political philosophy, he said that the slogan “We serve the people!” raised by the Party and our Party’s politics of love for the people, its benevolent politics, fully embody the idea of believing in the people as in Heaven.

      He continued:

      The politics that takes care of the people’s destiny to the end with a high sense of responsibility, makes anything impossible possible if people wish and spares nothing for the sake of the people is precisely our Party’s benevolent politics. True to the lofty intention of the President, I have believed in the people as in Heaven and have been dedicating my all to the sake of the people. Providing the people with happiness and pleasure is just my happiness and pleasure.

      His instructions greatly impressed the officials.

    On the Day of Visiting the Workers
    • It was the first day of May, Juche 101(2012) when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the workers at a factory on the occasion of the May Day.

      The workers who had the honour of having the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who they had missed even in dreams, at their factory on a meaningful day commemorating the May Day, the international holiday of the working people all over the world, were excited with great happiness and gratitude.

      Very glad at their machines of high efficiency that proved effective in reality, he highly appreciated the successes of the officials, workers, scientists and technicians who were producing our own up-to-date machinery.

      On the day he also visited the centre for cultural and leisure activities which was newly built at the factory.

      In the wading pool he was delighted at the sight of some workers enjoying themselves and in the barber’s he said it was so neat and well-furnished that he felt like having a haircut. When each of the barbers offered him a haircut excitedly, he rewarded them with a benevolent remark.

      Examining the service facilities and sports equipment for workers, he said again and again that the workers would be happy with them. Looking up to him, all of them were filled with deep gratitude for him.

    By Means of Flexible Tactics
    • It was in the period of Arduous March.

      When they failed in every desperate attempt to eliminate the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, Japanese imperialists invented so-called “Dani Tactics” (“Tick Tactics”) as a last resort.

      According to the tactics, “punitive troops” deployed at important points in advance were supposed to swing into action as soon as they spotted the anti-Japanese guerilla army and once they found them, they had to stick to them to the last moment of total destruction.

      It was thought to be an “original idea” that would make guerrillas exhausted to death after a long period of being chased and attacked without even a moment of break, sleep and eating.

      President Kim Il Sung decided to counteract this “excellent plan” of the enemy by means of zigzag tactics.

      He taught that it would be necessary from then on to march forward in zigzags and to hold every turning to machine-gun emerging enemy and that it would be effective in getting rid of the Japanese “dani”(ticks).

      Under the command of the President small combat groups of two or three with machine guns were left in ambush at every turning of the zigzag route behind the column and inflicted a sudden burst of machine-gun fire on the enemy. Then they moved their positions behind while enemies were dealing with dead bodies, and repeated the same action.

      As the enemies followed the single path opened by the guerrillas, it was inevitable for them to be beaten every time. The Japanese imperialists had nothing to do but to squawk that their “Dani Tactics” turned out to be a defeat plan that resulted in wholesale deaths before the flexible tactics of the commander of Mt. Paektu.

    Glory of Revolutionaries
    • It happened when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was inspecting newly-built Unha Scientists Street.

      Looking around some dwelling houses in the new street, he was delighted that all the flats were fully equipped with all the things needed for living, and that as a result, it became possible for scientists to move into new houses without carrying anything with them and to lead happy lives without any worries about their living conditions.

      He said in excited tones that we could realize another wish of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who had been worried about providing our scientists with the best living conditions, and that it is the glory of the revolutionaries.

      Listening to him, the officials were overcome with strong emotion.

    Earnest Instruction
    • It was in December, Juche 102(2013).

      North Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea reported in a document enclosed with some photographs of children with great joy to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un that his presents of love were conveyed to the baby home, orphanage, orphans’ schools and rest home.

      On receiving it, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un wrote in his autograph to the leading official of the provincial party committee that it would set his mind at rest and that the committee should always be concerned for the problems arising in the baby home, orphanage, orphans’ schools and rest home and responsible for solving them.

      He continued in his autograph that as it was winter when everyone was feeling cold, they should take good care of the health of the children and the elderly and, in particular, they should bring up the orphans to be cheerful ones not feeling the sorrow of the bereaved. He concluded with an earnest instruction that it was a task he gave personally to the chief secretary of the provincial party committee and the chief secretaries of the city and county party committees in the province.

    In the Rain
    • In one July after liberation the opening ceremony of a park for the people, Moranbong Pleasure Park, was to be held in Pyongyang, the capital of our revolution.

      That day it was raining from the early morning. An official who was supposed to deliver a congratulatory address at the ceremony was hesitating over the bad weather before finally he made haste to prepare himself to go to the park as it was time to leave. It was some minutes after noon.

      When the official was about to leave his office, President Kim Il Sung summoned him to say that he would accompany him to the ceremony. Looking at the window streaming with rainwater, he hesitated for a few moments and proposed that the President stay in because of the rain.

      The President folded the documents on the table, rose from the seat, and declined his proposal. Insisting on going there to see the people happy, he headed for the ceremony in the van.

      Following him, the official was feeling himself charged with a strong emotion.

      That day the President took pleasure in sharing joy with the people even in the constant rain.

      Looking up at him respectfully, the people were moved to tears with deep gratitude for him.

    On the meaningful day of April
    • It was April 25, Juche 71(1982), marking the 50th anniversary of founding the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.

      Sitting together with the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and officials of the Party and the state, President Kim Il Sung said that the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army made our people have their own genuine revolutionary army for the first time in history and wage a victorious struggle for the independence of the country and the liberation of the people on a new, high level, and the glorious history of our revolutionary armed forces began from that time.

      His remarks greatly touched all of their hearts.

      Looking round them filled with a feeling of solemnity, he instructed that our precious revolutionary assets, all successes and achievements of our people are associated with the immortal exploits made by our revolutionary armed forces, and permeated with red blood of the anti-Japanese guerrillas and our service personnel, adding that the great feats made to the country and the people of the KPRA and the KPA, its direct successor, will go down for ever in the brilliant, revolutionary history of our Party and people.

      Looking up to him, they engraved in their minds with pride how our revolutionary armed forces could be developed into an invincible revolutionary strong army that inherited the anti-Japanese traditions.