The postgraduate school, an educational unit for training national core talents in science and education, teaches higher science and technology in their majors to students who have finished the undergraduate course and trains doctors and masters with more profound professional knowledge on science and technology. It runs a doctoral course and a master’s course and teaches both the internal (full-time) students and correspondence (part-time) students. It also teaches over 800 subjects on more than 100 detailed indices.

The major subjects of the postgraduate school

Major Subject Curriculum
Machine-designing, machine-building and mechanical electronics Machine-building Engineering
Hydraulic engineering, internal-combustion engine and dynamics of industry Mechanical Engineering
Aeronautical engineering and jet engines Aeronautical Engineering
Optical engineering Optical Engineering
Computer system, computer device and software Computer Engineering
Multi-media information processing, intelligent information processing, language information processing, life information processing and information security Information Processing
Resources prospecting, mineral prospecting, physical prospecting, oil prospecting, boring engineering, geology, geotechnology and distant controlled surveying Resources Probing Engineering
Mineral mining, coal mining, mining machines, oil development, mineral dressing, oil development machines and mining environment engineering Mining Engineering
Ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, pure metal metallurgy, metallurgical fuel, industrial furnace, automation of metallic process, analysing instruments and metallurgical physical chemistry Metal Engineering
Metallic material engineering, functional materials, powder material engineering, nano material engineering, casting engineering, rolling engineering, forging engineering, welding engineering and nonmetallic materials Material Engineering
Steam boiler, gas and steam turbines, refrigerating engineering, natural energy, applied thermodynamics, automatic control of the boilers and cryogenic engineering Heat Engineering
Shipbuilding and ocean engineering, shipbuilding theory and ship designing, nautical instrument and marine machine engineering Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering
Electric theory, electric power engineering, electric machinery, electric instruments, electric control machines, insulation engineering and power electronics Electrical Engineering
Applied electronics, semiconductor engineering, electronic material engineering, integrated circuit engineering, vacuum electronics, and bio-information processing Electronics
Radio communication, wire communication, broadcasting engineering, ultrashort wave engineering and communication software Science of Communications
Control system, management automation, information measurement, robot control, biocontrol and environment automation, Automation Engineering
Production management, management information processing, quality control, technical economics and industrial management Management of Industrial Economy
Probability and mathematical statistics, operations research, numeral mathematics and information mathematics Applied Mathematics
Superconductivity, high-pressure engineering, plasma engineering and laser engineering Physics
Polymer material chemistry, inorganic material chemistry, organic compound chemistry, analytic chemistry and physical chemistry Applied Chemistry