Intellectual Property

Near Infrared Rays Spectral Analyzer

Near Infrared Rays Spectral Analyzer developed by Kim Chaek University of Technology received an Inventor’s Prize and a gold medal from WIPO in August, Juche103(2014).


Spark blasting technology

Spark blasting technology was registered as an international patent on March 31, Juche105(2016).


β ray scattering typed measuring instrument of ash content of the anthracite

It was registered as a national patent on Sep. 30, Juche103(2014).


Valuable mineral prospecting technology

Valuable mineral prospecting technology which was first developed by the Faculty of Resources Probing Engineering, Kim Chaek University of Technology, won a certificate and a medal in the 18th International Invention and New Technology Fair which was held in Geneva, Switzerland in April Juche79(1990) and found its wide applications in several other countries as well as at home.