Acad., Prof. and Dr. Hong So Hon, winner of Kim Il Sung Order and President of Kim Chaek University of Technology

Kim Chaek University of Technology is the supreme institution of scientific and technical education of the country and a pedigree establishment for training scientific and technical talents. Looking back with great pride upon the past when it trained a great number of competent sci-tech talents playing a pivotal role in various sectors of the national economy under the special care of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the State, the university is planning its education projects to raise more academic and practical talents in line with the requirements of the era of knowledge-based economy. To meet the demand of the present era when science and technology are developing by leaps and bounds, it is going to make the content of education practical, comprehensive and up-to-date, consistently renovate teaching programmes and methods to be of a higher level, and bring education close to scientific research.

In future, fully aware of the mission it has assumed before the times and the State, it will bring about a radical turn in educational and scientific work by kindling the flame of revolution in education in the new century so that it may take an honourable place among the rank of the world’s first-rate universities in the near future and make a positive contribution to the building of a powerful socialist country.