Schools & Departments

    • Major subjects taught here include CNC machine tool, robotics, design of computer-aid machine building process, 3-D, 4-D and 5-D design of machinery and equipment, internal combustion engine, fluid machine, electronic control of internal combustion engine, hydraulic electronic control, robot control etc. which serve as reliable support for the development of the machine industry of the country.
    • It gives lectures on major subjects like operation system, computer network, embedding system, information system analysis and design, embedded software, distributed software, image information processing, sound information processing, natural language processing, decision-making support system, data discovery, computer vision, expert system etc., and conducts valuable researches conducive to the development of the country’s information industry.
    • It is conducting researches necessary for exploitation and use of the underground resources of the country while giving lectures on major subjects like deposit, environmental geology, crystal mineralogy, remote geological survey, underground resources prospecting, oil prospecting, level stratigraphy, geological survey for construction, underground water power science, rock geotechnic dynamics, gravitational survey, drilling machinery and equipment, technological design for drilling, satellite geodesy and photogrammetry.
    • The major subjects are strata control, mining information processing, coal mining, mining in drill hole, mining in deposit, rock mechanics, phacolite measuring engineering, mining facility structure mechanics, mineral processing machine, combination technology of machine and electronics, oil extractive machine, conveying equipment in mines, design of machines for coal mining, digital design of mines, concentrating mill design, mineral processing experiment, applied flotation chemistry, surface chemistry, genic chemistry, research information analysis of drill holes, gas extractive engineering. And it is doing valuable researches for digital design of mines and the development of modern mining machinery and equipment to make an active contribution to the development of the country’s mining industry and the large-scale nature-transforming projects.
    • It not only gives lectures on non-coke iron manufacture, continuous casting engineering, metallurgical solution theory, metallurgical process computer control, industrial furnace heating technology, electrolysis engineering, metallurgy of secondary nonferrous metal, nano material manufacture, nonequilibrium state thermodynamics etc. but also is engaged in researches to further perfect Juche-based iron-making system that relies on the domestic resources and fuel.
    • Its major subjects are metallic material, nonmetallic material, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant material, functional material, powder material, composite material, nano material engineering, aerospace material, energy material, rolling engineering, forging engineering, casting engineering, welding engineering, material surface treatment, basis of material science, material thermodynamics and so on. It has been making not a few successes in the economically significant material and relevant processing researches.
    • This faculty teaches thermodynamics, electric heating, heat transferring in nano fluid, combustion engineering, boiler engineering, thermoelectric generation engineering, compound electric generation engineering, air conditioning cryogenic theory, refrigeration engineering, deep refrigeration, heat exchange equipment, solar heat engineering, wind power energy engineering, biomass energy transformation, use of geothermal energy, thermal storage engineering and many other subjects. At the same time it is conducting researches to produce and make effective use of various kinds of thermal and natural energy.
    • It teaches such major subjects as shipbuilding numerical control, ship structure design, marine machinery dynamics, shipbuilding material, marine resources development, wireless navigation equipment, satellite navigation equipment, navigation automatic control, marine satellite communication and ship tracking system. And it is engaged in the research to make varieties of up-to-date navigation equipment and ships.
    • Its major subjects are power system engineering, transmission and supply of electricity, automation of power station and transformer substation, relay protection, electric electronics, electric insulation, electric drive, electric machinery design, power generating engineering and so on. And it is doing researches to develop various insulators, new-type electric machines and devices for relay protection and automation including flexible alternative current transmission system (FACTS) and distributed power system control.
    • It gives lectures on major subjects such as electronic material, nano electronics, electronic ion engineering, integrated circuit design, optoelectronics application, electronic measuring engineering, electronic processing, electronic device structure design, engineering analysis of living organisms, medical and electronic system design, living organism control. And it is working on various kinds of electronic and sensing components, including solar batteries, and up-to-date medical appliances.
    • It gives lessons on computer device, system control, system identification, electric motor control system, computer control, industry measurement, process control, control system design, robust control, intelligence control, CNC technology and flexible manufacturing system, data management system, intelligent system engineering, and conducts researches on robot control technology, open CNC technology and AC motor vector control technology.
    • It teaches mobile communication, information communication network, digital TV broadcasting, antenna and electron wave propagation, communication program, wireless intranet, multimedia communication, quantum communication technology, satellite communication, fibre-optics communication, and conducts valuable researches to contribute to the development of the country’s communication.
    • It teaches major subjects such as industrial management, production management of factories and enterprises, planning methodology, management strategy, economy control, quality management, economic and mathematical modelling, economical prediction, accounting, technology trade, energy management, and also conducts researches for socialist system of economic management and industrial management of Korean style.
    • It provides lessons on applied probability process, applied statistics, mathematical experiment, optimal control theory, multivariate analysis, queuing theory, optimization method, graph theory, fractal chaos theory, numerical mathematics and neuro network, and studies into multi criteria decision making, statistical modelling, fractional differential equation, differential equation on fractal and so on.
    • It gives lectures on theory of property of matters, gaseous and liquid laser engineering, solid and semi-conductor laser engineering, optical system design, hot plasma engineering, ultra high pressure engineering, plasma diagnosis, acoustics etc. and is engaged in researches for extracorporeal impulse wave nephrolith crushing technology, plasma air decontamination technology, laser dust particle instrumentation technology, laser cutting technology and ultrasonic wave dispersion and washing technology.
    • Its major subjects are organic material chemistry, inorganic material chemistry, high polymer material chemistry, nano material chemistry, composite material engineering, functional inorganic material etc. And it works on hard porcelain composite material, vanadium battery, nano zinc oxide powder and gel battery.


    • Its researches are aimed at developing nano sensing material that uses tube nano porcelain separation membrane and functional nano composite material, graphene and nano carbon tube, a DC high-temperature super conductivity quantum interferer, which is nano electronic element, a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum analyser, and a nano laser particle size analyser. It also studies cross-disciplinary sciences of nano technology supported by laser, plasma and high-voltage pulse electric field treating technology.
    • Its researches cover modernization of machine production process based on flexible manufacturing system that involves development of flexible manufacturing cells and composition of production system, development of a multi-purpose 6-ja derived joint robot, that of machine tool-ready high-performance CNC system aimed to improve reliability by dint of fault diagnosis and prediction of CNC system, and that of synchrotron AC servomotors and drivers.
    • This institute, with its director Pak Yong Thaek, Ri Sin Ung and Jong Jong Hyon, who are candidate academicians, professors and doctors, as the main force, is conducting researches to develop various sorts of power semi-conductors and dedicated semi-conductors which are badly needed in modernizing and automating processes in various sectors of the national economy.
    • Staffed with researchers in their 20s and 30s with high academic degrees or titles and rich practical experience, the institute conducts researches for sound recognition technology, image recognition technology, multi-language mechanical translation, information security, and object recognition technology-supported moving object tracing and recognition, and for development of a web information search system based on a webpage auto-browser.
    • It uses modern analytical equipment to conduct researches for methods of analysing several items including minerals and metals, and analyse materials for various sectors of the national economy.
    • With the main stress on the development of 3-D, 4-D and 5-D design programs, the institute is doing researches to design and manufacture various kinds of control machines.
    • It designs and manufactures various kinds of modern analysers such as a multi-channel luminescence spectrum analyser, an infrared ray absorption carbon sulfur analyser, an atomic fluorescence analyser and a near infrared ray analyser that are urgently needed in various sectors of the national economy. Its research group has already developed a near infrared ray spectrum analyser to be awarded the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, the highest sci-tech prize in the country, and a gold medal and an Inventor’s Prize from the World Intelligence Property Organization (WIPO).
    • It conducts researches for compound microalloying technology, powder production based on scanning moulding, Fe3O4 nano magnetic fluid manufacture and high-efficiency nano cermet cutting tool material and refined iron production.
    • It is intensifying the endeavour to normalize the operation of nationwide integrated power control system.
    • As required by the developing reality, it conducts researches for a flexible AC transmission system and development and introduction of smart generator control devices and relay protection devices.
    • Its main research items are next generation network (NGN), software exchange technology, wireless intranet, super high frequency wireless communication devices like antennas, various modes of imbedding communication software including orthogonal frequency distribution multiplexing mode and spectrum dispersion mode, and multimedia coding and error correction technology. They are putting main stress on research for mobile communication.