Even without Breakfast

It was one day several decades ago. President Kim Il Sung visited Ryongchon ri, Hwangju County early in the morning. No sooner had he arrived than he headed out to a maize field, where he enjoyed the view of maize in good conditions for a long time, forecasting a rich crop of maize. Then, he said with great satisfaction that Ryongchon ri was entirely successful in maize farming. Looking up at the President smiling broadly with his accumulated fatigue behind, the farm officials hardly repressed their excitement at the thought of pleasing him even for a little while. However, they never knew that the President had missed his breakfast until quite a while later when the accompanying officials persuaded him to leave as his breakfast was waiting for him. The President told the farm officials feeling awkward: Now that we are expecting a good crop of maize, our people are going to enjoy better dietary life. So, missing a few meals doesn’t make any difference to my life. Just a look at the fields of healthy maize makes me feel satisfied. Stressing repeatedly the need to take good care of rich crops, the President set out on another journey of field guidance.