Jo Jul 4, 2022

Kim Chaek University of Technology is on a winning streak in codechef challenges that take place twice a month. Codechef June Long Challenge witnessed its glory once again.

The first contest that was held on June 10 to 13 produced 32 winners in Division 1, nine of whom are students at KUT.

In the meanwhile, a total of 27 contestants won the first place in Division 1 of the second contest that went on from 24 to 27. Eight out of 27 winners are from KUT.

The number of winners of KUT in Division 1 in the two contests every month in the first half of this year is as follows.

January: first contest ― 7 out of 27, second contest ― 7 out of 29

February: first contest ― 8 out of 38, second contest ― 8 out of 30

March: first contest ― 9 out of 48, second contest ― 5 out of 21

April: first contest ― 10 out of 27, second contest ― 2 out of 5

May: first contest ― 6 out of 14, second contest ― 6 out of 17

June: first contest ― 9 out of 32, second contest ― 8 out of 27

The figures show that many students at KUT have taken part in the codechef challenges and that most of them took the first place.

KUT students are still trying to enlarge their store of knowledge in order to keep the national flag of the DPRK flying over the Internet.