Precious Name

It happened when the 8th Enlarged Executive Session to the Central Committee of the North Korea Communist Party was on. In the midst of meeting that day, a man stood up abruptly and put a question to President Kim Il Sung about why the Party to be founded to represent the interests of all working masses would be called workers’ Party meaning the Party of workers. Hushed silence from such a sudden question reigned over the hall. All the eyes of the participants were turned upon the President. With a broad smile on his face, the President instructed, correcting his misunderstanding that labour reminded him of only factory workers or miners: Farmers as well as workers do labour and even officers do mental labour. The Party to be founded by merging the two parties is the organization of the progressive elements of workers, farmers and intellectuals all of whom are engaged in labour. That’s why its name will be the Workers’ Party. Then, the participants who came to have a clear understanding at last about the name of the Party unanimously supported his idea and expressed their approval. Like this, the precious name of the motherly Workers’ Party of Korea reflects the lofty idea of the President to build a revolutionary Party embracing broad masses of working people.