To Realize Plan for Capital Construction of President

The order of the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army on building Chongryu Bridge (stage 2) and Kumrung Tunnel 2 was issued on November 9, Juche 83(1994). According to the order, those projects were supposed to be completed by October 10 the next year that would mark the 50th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. On receipt of the news that Chairman Kim Jong Il issued the order, people across the country were in great excitement and joy. That was because it was an important and responsible undertaking to translate into reality the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung, who took huge pains throughout his life to provide our people with richer and more cultured living conditions. Having been reported that the project of Chongryu Bridge (stage 1) was completed, Chairman Kim Jong Il came out to the site to look round the suspension bridge, another monumental structure of the era of the Workers’ Party. He expressed great satisfaction at the peculiar and modern bridge. Saying that the suspension bridge was built in perfect harmony with Moran Hill, May Day Stadium and Taedong River, he stressed that when the stage 2 project stretching to West Pyongyang was completed, Chongryu Bridge would play an important role in solving traffic problems of Pyongyangites in a more efficient way. Modern Chongryu Bridge (stage 2) and Kumrung Tunnel 2 that connect the east Pyongyang and west Pyongyang areas were completed as grand monumental edifices of lasting significance on the occasion of the 50th founding anniversary of the WPK on October 10, Juche 84(1995), which made another stride in solving the traffic problems of the citizens and added more beauty to the scenery of the bank of the Taedong River.