President’s Splendid Idea

It happened when President Kim Il Sung was on his field guidance tours in North Hamgyong Province. Acquainting himself with the actual conditions of a county, he came to learn that the officials there had trouble with stones in the fields. Having heard about the details from an official, the President asked him if he had ever thought of utilizing them. The official made no reply as he had never thought about it. Stressing the need to wage a vigorous campaign for building terraced fields in this county of many sloping lands, the President said that they could directly pile up stones in the fields into terraces without bothering to bring them from riversides or quarries as they did in other areas. He added that building terraced fields offers all the advantages; no labor to sift out stones, readjusting and improving land, protecting land from washing by rain. Subsequently, they readjusted the fields in their county methodically in a short span of time, which resulted in a high crop yield every year.