First Deputy Nominated by People

It was when a democratic election was first held in our country. As the historic election day was approaching, nomination of candidates for deputies to the provincial, city and county people's committees was in progress in every election district. At that time, in the mass rally held in Samdung myon (in those days), Kangdong County, President Kim Il Sung was nominated as a candidate for deputy to the South Phyongan Province People’s Committee. So, two delegates came to Pyongyang in order to report the news. When they met President Kim Il Sung, one of them, deeply impressed by the personality of the boundlessly benevolent President, told him without any hesitation that every person in Samdung myon including the old wanted to come to visit him. The President replied he would really appreciate their willingness to visit him, as it was natural for him to be the first to visit the elderly people, and that he would meet them before anything else when they bothered to visit him. That is how about 10 of elderly people, workers, farmers and students, on behalf of the people in Samdung myon, enjoyed the honorable privilege of meeting President Kim Il Sung the next day. On the day President Kim Il Sung with a broad smile on his face promised to work with devotion, always mindful of their trusts and expectations. Our people’s belief in and respect for President Kim Il Sung were clearly demonstrated in the first democratic election.