Nothing More to Wish for

The Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm wonderfully built on the eastern coast of the northern end is associated with ardent love for the people of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. It was December 3, Juche 108 (2019). So pleased at the start-up of a greenhouse farm that would produce various kinds of vegetables for our people in large quantities in all seasons, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un came to the farm non-stop, regardless of the cold weather of midwinter. Looking round the farm with a broad smile on his face as if he forgot the pains he had taken to personally appoint the site on the spot and to solve all the problems arising in the construction from its design to materials supply, he said that although there are places near and far geographically, there are no people far away in his mind, adding that he had nothing more to wish for if the farm would contribute to the improvement of dietary life of the people in North Hamgyong Province. When the people heard about his instructions associated with warm affection for the people, they expressed their emotions from the bottom of their hearts. The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is indeed the father of people that embraces and takes warm care of the whole country with his warm love and affection.