Priority to Interests of People

Chairman Kim Jong Il paid a visit to ready-to-open Kwangbok Area Supermarket on one freezing day in December, Juche 100 (2011). Being briefed by the official concerned, he looked round the departments on the first floor. Learning about the sanitary goods produced by a unit, he instructed that those good quality goods should be sold to our people. And when he reached the furniture department, he talked about a piece of furniture he had seen before, stressing the need to set up that furniture-making equipment since the supermarket was built in the Kwangbok area. Indeed, every step of his field-guidance showed the noble idea of the Chairman, who thought only about the happiness of people whenever he came across anything. That day he checked every aspect in relation to the management of the store such as the time of its opening, the prices of goods, the possibility of constant goods supply, etc. He stressed that the store could prove useful only when it was opened as soon as possible so that people would be free to purchase what they want. He taught that the essence of socialist commerce lies in the fact that all activities should be conducted for people from start to finish.