In the Fighting Spirit of Those Days

One day of the vigorous struggle to celebrate the Sixth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with political enthusiasm and glorious labour achievements, Chairman Kim Jong Il met with the officials who had been dispatched to all provinces for guidance to emphasize that the first month review of the 100-day campaign should be conducted not in the way of addressing the successes only, but in the way of practical significance. Then, he told them in a meaningful tone of the fighting spirit and will of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) transportation corps men in the days of the Fatherland Liberation War. He continued: During the war those corps men never yielded to the steep Chol Pass nor panicked in the midst of showers of bombs and machine-gun bullets from the enemy planes. Always thinking about their obligation to carry out their combat tasks without fail, they managed to guarantee the victory in battles by supplying shells to the fronts through a hail of bullets and steep passes. Noting that however difficult it might be to attain the goal of the 100-day campaign, it was incomparable to crossing Chol Pass in lorries through the shower of bullets, the Chairman convinced them that achieving the gigantic goal was just feasible only when they worked in the fighting spirit shown by the brave soldiers in the Fatherland Liberation War.