On Munsu Hill

It was April 6, Juche 36(1947). On the day President Kim Il Sung climbed Munsu Hill after attending a grand commemoration ceremony of tree-planting. The President was heartbroken at the sight of the extremely desolate Munsu Hill, with hardly any trees standing upright and no birds singing, just like the picture of our fatherland that had suffered all sorts of hardships and trials. The President, staring at the view of Munsu Hill for a long while without a word, said earnestly that forest is priceless treasure of the country and therefore afforestation is of great importance in protecting the land and adding beauty to the landscape of the country, adding that only when we plant many trees on the mountains, can we successfully protect our farmland, mountains and streams from natural disasters and also transfigure our country into a beautiful and fine paradise of people. Stressing that when all the mountains are turned into those with deep forests and rich resources, it will enhance our people’s national pride and dignity and arouse their patriotism even more, the President took the lead and planted a tree. The trees planted on the day are still growing tall and green, as if they were a witness of the history conveying the great love of the President for the fatherland.