Exposed to Rain Bright and Early

Little rain in spring is one of the typical climate features of our country. One year some decades ago, very little rain fell throughout the country until the beginning of April. On April 14 that year, President Kim Il Sung was on his field guidance taking irrigation measures for field crops hit by drought before returning to the accommodation late at night. Then, he often opened the window to look up at the night sky. The sky was full of dark clouds as if the rain was ready to pour down, but it never did. At last, on the morning of the 15th, it began to rain. Without his coat on, the President went out into the yard and estimated the amount of rain on his flat hands. Then, he made a big smile on his face. One of the officials eagerly asked him in a sympathetic tone not to stand in the rain any more as it was the morning of his birthday. The President was still satisfied with being exposed to rain, saying that it gave him much more pleasure than celebrating his birthday. The President was such a benevolent father.