Play Areas in Department Store

There are some excellent indoor play areas for children at Pyongyang Children’s Department Store. Those picturesque play areas that look like a paradise in a fairy tale remind us of one day in May, Juche 101(2012), when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the store. On the day, looking at the officials, he suggested setting up some play areas for children in the department store. They were very surprised at that moment as they were expecting some precious teachings in connection with the management of the store. He called upon the officials with dubious looks to lay out some play areas on each floor so that children could enjoy themselves while their parents were doing shopping in the store. Then, he gave detailed instructions on taking a hall or a place suitable for amusement facilities for children, instead of sparing a room. When he returned, he sent a lot of pieces of equipment for the indoor play areas. This is how the indoor play areas for children were set up at Children’s Department Store.