Even in the Days of Fatherland Liberation War

It happened during the past Fatherland Liberation War. On the way to the front, President Kim Il Sung found himself looking for a while at the mountains packed with trees in a county. He was very satisfied with it, saying that forest resource is the precious wealth of the country. Then, he praised the people in the county for taking good care of and protecting the forest in the raging flames of war. After a while, he said that the love for every tree and every blade of grass of the country is none other than patriotism. Full of confidence, he continued that although this locality had been regarded as a remote mountainous area unfit for human inhabitation before, the inhabitants could surely live a happy life if they made good use of the abundant forest resource after the victory in the war. Seeing trees on the mountains amid the flames of the war, the President was so delighted thinking first of the appearance of the country that would become more beautiful and the happiness of people. Indeed, President Kim Il Sung was a peerless patriot and the great father of the people.