Orphans Should Cut Inaugural Tape

One day in a June, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Wonsan Baby Home, which was nearing completion. Absolutely delighted with the best home in the world to present to the orphans, he wore a smile on his face all the time. Enjoying an overall view of the baby home for a while, he suddenly raised the topic of cutting the inaugural tape. Looking around the officials with inquiring looks, he said that the orphans should cut the ribbon at the inauguration ceremony of Wonsan Baby Home and Wonsan Orphanage. Then, he added that they would never forget the scene of cutting the ribbon of their homes themselves even after they have become grown-ups. Receiving his instructions, the officials keenly realized the great love of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who is so solicitous about bringing up orphans to be the bright future of the country.