What was Never Admitted

In the late 1990s, innumerable letters were sent to the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea from the service personnel and people who were earnestly longing for erecting the bronze statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters positively supported it, saying they would have nothing to regret about, now that the bronze statue of the Chairman was to be erected. Even the revolutionary peoples over the world offered to the Chairman their propositions reflecting their sincere feelings. The Chairman had benevolent will that could bring down a star from the sky if it were for people’s wish. However, he would reject the proposal of the erection of his own statue. One day, Chairman Kim Jong Il sat together with some officials and refused the will of the officials flatly, instructing that as a soldier of President Kim Il Sung, he had a historic mission of making our people well-off and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche, following the lifelong intention of the President. Our people’s earnest desire for having the statue of the Chairman, who performed the greatest exploits for our Party and revolution, came true by the noble moral obligation of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.