Ambition Highly Encouraged

On June 6th, Juche 101(2012), the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un attended the joint national meeting of the Korean Children’s Union organizations in celebration of the 66th founding anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union and delivered a congratulatory speech to all the children across the country, and in the afternoon he watched the concert with the representatives of the Children’s Union. Feeling regretful to leave after spending the whole day with them, he called some representatives beside him. Looking at them one by one, who had run to the place at a breath in an ecstasy of joy, he kindly asked a pupil from Janggang County what he was going to be. Expressing great satisfaction at his reply to serve in the Korean People’s Army (KPA) all his life as an officer, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un hoped for the best wishes for his future.