Immortal Exploits Marked at Foot of Moran Hill

Immortal Exploits Marked at Foot of Moran Hill On the 16th of February, Juche 71 (1982), the reconstruction and expansion site of the Moranbong Stadium (in those days) was filled with burning passion, for Chairman Kim Jong Il personally visited the site to clarify the shortcut to the project. Because it was the birthday of the Chairman, an official earnestly requested him, who was about to set out for a field guidance, that he should have a rest that day and postpone his departure. Replying that he had to keep to his plan, the Chairman said as follows. Now that we have already planned to complete the upgrading and expanding project of Moranbong Stadium at all costs by the 70th birthday of President Kim Il Sung, every minute and second is precious for us. Furthermore, the President is painfully anxious about its slower progress than scheduled. We are going to have the President in the stadium completed on the highest level. How pleased the President will be! The Chairman continued that he felt the happiest when he saw the President satisfied, and that it always set his mind at ease. Out of the intention, the Chairman visited the construction site and said that the stadium should be naturally called Kim Il Sung Stadium after its reconstruction.