Unforgettable Consultative Meeting

One day in January several decades ago, President Kim Il Sung had a consultative meeting with the officials in the design sector in Pyongyang City. Pointing out that the issue of dwelling houses for people was not satisfactorily settled, he said in a heart-rending tone that hundreds of letters a day were being sent to the Party Central Committee, most of which were from the people wishing to have their own homes. The officials could not lift up their heads filled with remorse as they regarded housing shortage as inevitable in the difficult postwar conditions and they thought people would understand the current situations. The President spent hours with the officials clarifying the ways he had personally found out to provide our people with bases for happy life as soon as possible during his tireless field guidance tours even late at nights and at early dawns. It was indeed an unforgettable consultative meeting that implanted in the hearts of the officials in the design sector a valuable philosophy that our construction should be the one entirely for people.