Devotion after Devotion

One day in August, Juche 102(2013), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made another visit, amid the summer heat, to the building site of the Mirim Riding Club. Noting that the construction of Mirim Riding Club was of great significance in glorifying the leadership exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il and providing our people with a more civilized life, he gave detailed instructions on completing it on a world level. His instructions covered many aspects ― building well the room for preservation of revolutionary relics conveying the leadership feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il associated with the Mirim Riding Club generation after generation, finishing the outer walls of the buildings under construction in a unique way with natural materials as designed to look like real log buildings, leveling evenly the tracks of earth and sand for convenient riding, thickly covering the indoor riding ground with sawdust, building more circular riding grounds, etc. As time passed, the officials could not help fixing their eyes more and more on his shirt that was getting soaked in the midsummer heat. With his firm pledge to work harder, one of the officials, reflecting the desire of all people across the country, wished the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un good health. Saying that he should do everything for people however sultry the weather was, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un embarked on another on-site guidance tour.