Every Party is Equal

It was one day in June, Juche 64(1975). President Kim Il Sung paid an official goodwill visit to then Yugoslavia and met its leader, Josip Broz Tito, who envied our country saying that it pushed on to the front as it wanted to without seeking any foreign approval. And he imparted his agony of his mind to the President, saying that they had been suffering from some kinds of pressures and criticisms on the way of building self-governing socialism against hegemony. The President advised him that every party should arm their party members with their own ideas and policies without following others blindly and that when a man turned to flunkeyism, he would become an idiot, when a nation took to flunkeyism, it would fall into ruin, and when a party followed flunkeyism, it would make a mess of revolution and construction. The President added with emphasis that every party in the world is equal and they cannot be master parties nor servant parties.