Dear Home for Learning to Heart’s Content

One day in June, Juche 103(2014), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Ssuk Islet with an ambitious plan to have a great temple for making all people well-versed in science and technology built on the highest level. That day he gave a name Sci-tech Complex to the service base of science and technology, a comprehensive e-library where any kinds of information in all fields would be available, and he clarified all the issues arising in its design and construction. Then he stressed that the Sci-tech Complex should be built magnificently as a building fully embodied in our Party’s idea of attaching importance to science and technology and as a dear home for all the people to acquire knowledge in to their heart’s content. Under his great guidance, the Sci-tech Complex was built in an excellent way as a great temple of learning for all the people where the scientific and technological civilizations of the mankind are comprehensively digitized and as a large-scale data storage house with a huge capacity which provides with a constant supply of up-to-date sci-tech knowledge. It still tells the whole world the noble outlook on the people and the country of a peerlessly great man.