Mother Living an Eternal Life along with Watermill in Changbai

Ryom Po Bae was one of the women to whom the President Kim Il Sung showed every sort of affection and benevolence calling them “mother”. Ever since he was acquainted with her for the first time in September, Juche 25(1936), she and her whole family stayed deep in the heart of the President along with the echo of the watermill in Changbai. As the Korean Peoples’ Revolutionary Army moved their field of action from Xijiandao to the shore of the Tuman River, it was impossible for the President to meet her and her family again, but nothing could ever break the relationship. Giving a field-guidance to Ryanggang Province in early May, Juche 47(1958), the President managed to have an emotional meeting with Ryom Po Bae, who he had been eager to see. This is how the tie between the President and Ryom Po Bae’s family was reformed after 20 years. Saying that he would care for her like his own mother, the President bestowed each and every kind of warm love on her. On holidays he invited her round to his residence for lunch and enjoyed films together, and on her 70th birthday he sent a birthday spread in case that she might not afford to celebrate it. In addition, he saw to it that she moved house near the hospital for fear that anything unpleasant might happen to her aged body anytime. Under the warm care of the President, Ryom Po Bae was able to lead a happy life to be over 90.